Why more people are travelling as part of a small group tour?

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Travelling with a small group of people has many advantages not least of all that it lets you travel to places that you might otherwise not go! Having just returned from a small group tour to Rajasthan, I can honestly say it was a great way to travel. Here’s why:


It’s easy to be able to share as much or as little as you’d like. Small group tours generally offer single accommodation so you’ll have your own space when you want it. Similarly travelling with a small group also means you have others to share experiences with and you’ll have some great stories to take home (although sometimes what goes on tour stays on tour!) No more being relegated to the table next to the toilet because you’re dining along.


There are places people are less comfortable travelling to by themselves – small group travel gives you the option of experiencing these safely. As a member of a travel group, you and your possessions are much less of a target for criminals. Similarly, if you get ill or injured, you have the immediate help of your tour leader.

Flexible Itineraries

Many small group tours have flexibility built in. While your overall itinerary will be finalised the how, when and why is often up to the group. Of course it means the group needs to agree but with fewer people, it’s much easier to get to Yes! This means you can take advantage of the different places and experiences you encounter along the way. Whether it’s that festival you’ve run across or that wedding which is happening right in front of you or you just want some more time to explore……

Unique Accommodation, Restaurants and Experiences

With a smaller group there is access to a wider range of accommodation, restaurants and experiences which adds to the overall holiday. In our recent small group tour to Rajasthan, we were able to stay in a number of palaces which would otherwise not have been available to us had we been part of a bigger group. We had wonderful local guides who were specialists in their own areas and who chose to only work with small groups.

Expert Guides and Local Knowledge

The guide can often be the difference between a good tour and a great tour. Travelling with you they are a great source of everything around you – those things you see on the road which you’d still be wondering about if you were travelling by yourself. It’s also great to have someone to organise the tickets rather than standing in a queue, pay a group tip rather than everyone scrabbling for small change and to have someone who speaks the language when things don’t go as planned. When demonstrators blocked the highway and we had to take to small country roads, it was great to have both a guide and a driver who spoke the local language.

Depending on where and how you plan to travel, you may decide that small group travel is a good fit for you. Here are some things to help you decide which tour is right for you:

  1. What is the makeup of the group? Who are your travelling companions likely to be and where will they be from? What is the maximum sizes for the group?  You’ll often find this on the company’s website – if it’s not there don’t hesitate to ask before committing yourself.

  2. Look at the itinerary carefully and find out how much time you’ll spend getting to your destinations. You don’t want to have long trips every day with little time to get out and about which is why you’re travelling.

  3. What’s included and what will you have to pay for when you arrive?

  4. Think about how you like to travel and compare to what’s on offer before deciding.

  5. Read reviews and testimonials to find out what travellers really thought.

With small group tours to just about everywhere in the world what’s stopping you?

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