Looking Forward to Rajasthan!


What is it that attracts us to Rajasthan? There’s so much I’m excited to see and experience. Amazing forts and spectacular architecture, delicious cuisines, bright and beautiful clothes, folk traditions and festive celebrations on large scale, Rajasthan has it all. 

One way to experience the grandeur of India is through its architecture. Think of the Taj Mahal, built in stunning white marble - testament to one of the most enduring love stories of all time - instantly recognisable and frequently described as one the most beautiful monuments in India.

Equally spectacular is The Palace of the Winds (Hawa Mahal) in Jaipur which was designed as the ladies section of the royal palace. Its intricate pink honeycombed exterior allowed the ladies of the royal court to look out on the streets without being observed.

Then there are the forts – as much a part of Rajasthani history and culture as its palaces. Forts such as the Amer Fort near Jaipur and the mighty Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur, overlooking deserts and cities tell the story of Rajasthan’s culture, kings and history. It’s the history I’m most curious about here – the grandeur of the Maharajahs.

 Have you heard about the stepwells of Bundi? Their unique architecture ensured a year-round water supply could be accessed via layers of steps built in many many different designs. Over time however these wells became important gathering areas for women dressing in their finest as they came to collect water. You’d want to make sure you didn’t spill the water on the way up!

 There are so many other wonderful examples of forts, palaces and buildings which we’ll visit. Join us as we explore Rajasthani Palaces, Forts and Architecture - Highlights of Rajasthan