Holidays of a different kind


Holidays are all about relaxing, exploring, getting active or going somewhere different aren’t they? Well now you can combine this with a new type of holiday – the learning or activity holiday. Becoming increasingly popular worldwide, they combine holidays in a wonderful part of the world with acquiring knowledge and new skills.

Think it sounds like too much work and not enough fun? My week long cooking school in Tuscany was anything but. I had an absolute hoot and have such fantastic memories as well as a swag of recipes and improved cooking techniques to boot! But it’s not just cooking courses, the rapid expansion of this type of travel means that there’s almost no limit to what you can experience on a learning/activity holiday. Here’s just a sample of what’s on offer:

  • What about a weekend of hands on astronaut experience where you’ll hear from astronauts and engineers involved in NASA missions;

  • Join a group of budding archaeologists and professors as you explore Angkor Watt, Macchu Picchu or the ancient sites of Israel and Palestine;

  • Go fossil hunting at site which is home to 58 dinosaur species where led by a team of scientists, you’ll explore quarries home to these fossils and learn so much more about about our prehistoric neighbours;

  • Unlock your inner creator with courses on writing, travel photography and painting;

  • Explore your creativity with acting classes in New York;

  • Perfect your french pastry making skills in Bordeaux where you’ll learn to make croissants, eclairs, gateaux and more;

  • Learn to play Polo in Dubai or Argentina;

  • Immerse yourself by learning a language in just about any country around the world;

  • Learn to surf at one of our SwellWomen week-long surf and yoga retreats.

Increasingly it seems that people want to try something new when they take a break. It’s never too late to learn, but instead of going to school, maybe you should go on holiday and sign up for some classes? Talk to Chris or Cathy about combining an activity with your next holiday.

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