Holiday Wellness and Wellbeing


We spend a lot of time researching and planning our holidays but often overlook our holiday health preparation. How often do you hear of people who’ve fallen ill a day or two into their holidays because they’re run down and haven’t been able to really fully enjoy this precious time away from work? I believe holiday health preparation is critical to ensuring you get the most from your holiday. It was essential for my last trip so here’s how I prepared for Sri Lanka.

Knowing that I’d be under some physical stress with learning to surf I added swimming to my regular fitness routine about 1 month ahead. I’d do 2 x 30 mins sessions a week, adding this to other routines which helped prepare my lungs, arms, back and neck. I’m a veteran fitness instructor so whilst I always ensure regular flexibility, mobility and strength sessions are included in my everyday life, it was important to focus on those areas which I knew needed addressing for this trip.

I also looked at my diet and was conscious of drinking more water and replacing some of my coffee drinking habits with green and herbal teas. These simple changes helped to increase my anti-oxidants and improve my hydration. Both of these assisted my nervous system in adjusting to the long flights and physical and mental challenge of learning something new.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or have a regular fitness program, I’d suggest you seek the advice of a health professional to put a plan together to support your preparations before your departure. Believe me you’ll enjoy your holiday so much more if you do!

I can most certainly say that I came back from my wellness escape with a greater sense wellbeing, the trick is now to keep on doing things that make me happy.

The next wellness adventure for Travel Architects is to Koh Samui, September 2019, why not join in!