Finding balance in winter


We hear a lot about balance in our lives and it’s interesting to read that it was first identified about 3000 years ago with the advent of Ayuverda which looks to achieve a balance between mind, spirit, body and environment. There are increasing options available to help us manage this balance in an increasingly busy world it’s important to consider what you can do. With flexible working arrangements increasingly available across businesses where they were once limited to a small group of people, the increasing ability to structure work to suit your lifestyle is bringing significant benefits. Having worked for several organisations which offered flexible working arrangements it was definitely a benefit I used to help me manage roles which regularly delivered stressful situations. With winter rapidly approaching here are some suggestions to help you find your balance.

Tips to stay healthy in winter

With winter rapidly approaching, now’s the time to think about ways to bolster your wellbeing to help you stay healthy in the cold/flu season.

Here are a few things to think about to keep you well:

1). Winter getaways

Factor in some downtime and plan a break (or two!) and head off to do something you enjoy.

  • Maybe you’re chasing the sun in which case North Queensland, Fiji, Europe or North America might be on your drawing board.

  • If you love the cooler climate – what about Tasmania or New Zealand?

  • For snow bunnies choose from several spots in both Australia and New Zealand.

  • Or maybe head for one of our great food/wine regions where you can sip your favourite wine in front of a roaring fire?

Winter Snow Holidays - Australia & New Zealand

Winter Snow Holidays - Australia & New Zealand

2. Slow down in winter

Interestingly a friend from the Northern Hemisphere recently talked about missing the “hibernation” which happens when you live in colder climes. She felt that this period allowed her to slow down and relax more than she does now that she’s in Australia. Because we live in a temperate climate, there’s nothing which stops us getting out and about whereas winters in places such as Canada and northern Europe mean you spend more time inside with family and friends. Take some time out to stop and do nothing in particular. Enjoy some time with a good book, a movie or perhaps some board games.

Experience the colours of autumn and winter in nature on a weekend away with family and friends.

Experience the colours of autumn and winter in nature on a weekend away with family and friends.

3. Focus on healthy food

Have you ever heard the statement - food is medicine? While good nutrition should be an all year round habit, winter is sometimes the culprit for a change in our eating habits. We often don’t appreciate the core role our gut plays in fighting disease and poor eating habits can lead to unhealthy gut function. Not only does diet affect our gut function, it also impacts our hormones, mood, energy, weight, immunity and brain function. So, in this slow down time, why not visit your health professional trained in nutrition to assist you through these months.

Here are some simple tips easily applied to aid good digestion:

  • Chew your food properly

  • Don’t eat at that momentwhen you’re feeling stressed or upset

  • Eat regular meals at the right times of day e.g not immediately before you go to bed

  • Eat local, nutrient dense seasonal foods

  • Take a walk after meals, even if it’s just for 10 mins (perhaps try the Italian Passeggiata or evening stroll)

  • Get eight hours of sleep per day

  • Drink enough water – warm water is commonly known to aid digestion

  • Try yoga nidra- known as “yogic sleep” an ancient practice that promotes full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness.

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