Consider the benefits of a Travel Concierge


A great holiday doesn’t just happen – it takes research, planning and of course time which can often be in short supply. That’s where Travel Architects can help. As a travel concierge we’re always looking for what’s happening in travel, reading about new places and adventures. We’ve travelled broadly and have experience in finding great places, different experiences and how to pull all of these together for a fantastic holiday.

Why a Travel Concierge?

At Travel Architects we’re often asked by clients to research and recommend various locations for holidays, others have a clear idea of where they want to go but don’t have time or aren’t interested in finding accommodation and transport and still others are looking for small group travel experiences. Our clients come to us because they’re looking for a personalised travel concierge service. It could be because:

  • they don’t have time (or have other things they’d rather be doing) to find all the travel elements they need;

  • researching of the options isn’t something they enjoy or want to do – we have some clients who find the who thought of researching their holiday so stressful that they keep putting it off and end up limiting their choices and increasing the cost of their holiday;

  • they want to find something different e.g they would prefer to stay in an apartment, bnb, villa or chateau;

  • they want advice on the different options available.

Personalised Travel Plans

The important thing is that we work with you and will create a personalised travel recommendation. We’ll get to know you, what you like (and what you don’t like), what you want, how you like to travel and what you like to see and do. Equally important is knowing what your best holidays have been and why. This all goes into creating a personalised concept for you which lets you decide on next steps. The concept is high level rather than a detailed itinerary and can be used to help you decide where you want to visit. Our fee for this is $500 which comes off the total fee if you choose to book your holiday with us.

Complete Itinerary Planning

This might be all you need to continue with your holiday plans or you might want us to create a detailed itinerary and provide a quote for you including recommendations for transport and accommodation options- we’ll also include activities if that’s what you’d like. Whether you want to stay in BnB’s, Villas or Hotels, we’ll find the right place for you and your travelling companions – we’re not limited to recommending and booking hotels. Perhaps you want to drive yourself, maybe you want to travel with a small group, use local transport, fly directly to your destination or fly around the world, we’ll find a solution for you.

So now you have your personalised itinerary - designed specifically for you - we can go ahead and take all the hassle out by organising all the bookings and arrangements for you. We’ll confirm all arrangements and provide you with an all inclusive itinerary.

Let us help with your next holiday

Contact Chris or Cathy today, and we’ll work with you to understand where you want to go, what you want to experience and how you want to travel. We can develop your personalised itinerary and book all the elements of your holiday. With access to a wide range of accommodation and transport options, tickets and tours and international concierge services, we can find and organise it all for you.

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