Christmas around the world


As a passionate traveller, I’ve celebrated Christmas in different places around world and love adding memories from my travels to my Christmas celebrations.  Last year I was in Ottawa, Canada where we were lucky enough to have a white Christmas!  (we won’t mention the missing suitcase). I grew up, as I guess many of you did, with northern hemisphere Christmas images and traditions so it was wonderful to be able to experience these in person. It was simply gorgeous. Snow had been falling since early December and the houses, treesand footpaths were all white and covered in snow. There’s something about the crunch of snow under your feet, the feel of biting cold on your face, tobogganing down slopes and careening into snow drifts along the way…. Even better though is when you’ve come inside and you’re greeted with a wonderful mug of mulled wine. Think of the wonderful aromas and taste of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange steeped in red wine - it’s something I’ll be adding to our Christmas celebrations this year even it’s the chilled version!

Mexico on the other hand is a riot of colour!  Los Posadas (the Mexican celebration of Christmas) begins December 16th with Buena Noche and continues to Christmas Eve where children lead a procession to the Church and place a figure of the Christ Child into the nativity scene. With their brilliantly colourful Christmas decorations, my of my favourites is a little pop-up nativity scene which I found in Playa del Carmen.

Similarly in France, Christmas Eve marks the real start to Christmas celebrations. Gathering for La Reveillon – a sumptuous dinner with the best food and wine which extends to midnight when children can finally open their presents!  Not surprisingly my French tradition is Champagne - perfectly suited wherever in the world I am. Often I pair it with Italian panettone for a truly global start to Christmas Day.

What are your favourite Christmas destinations and traditions from around the world?  On my bucket is Northern Lights and the Christmas markets of northern Europe.

So with Christmas nearly here I’m off to crank up Feliz Navidad while whipping up a batch of Cranberry and Pistachio Rocky Road (you can find the recipe under blogs on

Wherever you find yourself this Christmas we wish you, your family and friends a very Happy Christmas and New Year.