Chasing the sun: spotlight on Puglia


For some of us, a holiday just isn’t a holiday without plenty of sun and heat and the first chill in the air or the first sight of leaves turning has us planning our next summer holiday. The good news is that it always feels like summer somewhere in the world!

Spotlight on Puglia, Italy

Our summer spotlight is well and truly on Puglia this time. In the heel of Italy’s boot, with temperatures above mid-20’s from mid-May to mid-October it’s a great place for a summer break with June and September being the best time to visit and avoid the crowds.

Puglia is a wonderful combination of sea and beaches, baroque architecture, wonderful food and wines, white washed houses - trulli, traditional music and much much, more.

Most people know it for its most picturesque town - Alberobello. Here you’ll find the trulli, white drywall domed structures built using prehistoric building techniques. Alberobello with its abundance of trulli (peculiar to this region) is now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. And where Tuscany has its villas, Puglia has its masseria. These are old farmhouses that, having been continually subjected to marauding pirates and other invaders, were transformed into easily fortified strongholds to which the owners and their farmworkers could retreat in times of trouble.

A culinary destination

Foodies don’t have to worry, Puglia is an excellent culinary destination. Its deeply-rooted cucina povera tradition means the cuisine is simple and delicious, relying on fresh, local produce. One of the best delicacies of Puglia is olive oil. Characteristic of the inland landscapes of this region, you’ll see thousands of olive trees while traveling here and taste their produce in many Puglian dishes. While there are many amazing dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients, orecchiette, a type of pasta typical of Puglia that looks like a small ear is often regarded as the best. Make sure you also taste the focaccia Pugliese and burrata cheese.

And of course, you can’t forget to taste the wine. Producing 17% of all Italian wine, Puglia’s wine output pretty well equals the total wine production of Germany. In previous years most wine from this region was shipped north to either fortify wines or to produce vermouth. Now with a different focus and know how, the wines from this region are coming into their own. Many of the regions wineries are open for tours and tastings.


Narrow streets and stone-paved alleys

History abounds in the white towns of Puglia – Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ostuni, Otranto and Gallipoli. With narrow stone-paved streets you often find yourself stepping into a doorway to let a scooter pass. It’s a community where people sit on their front steps shelling beans, chatting and napping.

A beautiful destination in south-east Italy

And last but not least, Puglia is full of beautiful scenery in the country as well as the coast. Come for its wonderfully slow pace of life, the history, the wonderful home grown food and wine and of course the sun!

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