Travelling Solo

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Having no one to travel with is one of the most frequent reasons given by people as to why they don’t travel. For some, solo travel isn’t even considered as they worry about being lonely or unsafe. For those of us who have, and will continue to travel solo, we know it’s completely the opposite! Perhaps you don’t have a built-in travel companion or want to visit somewhere that doesn’t appeal to your travel buddies - there are so many options and adventures available today it seems a shame to miss out.

Travelling alone gives you a chance to step outside yourself, explore different places and meet lots of different and interesting people. Solo travel gives you freedom – you choose the destination, the style of travel, the budget, the restaurants……. It’s all about what you want!

These days more and more people are taking holidays by themselves and I’ve found solo travellers in all countries I’ve visited. When I’ve travelled by myself for the first time, I found myself meeting and talking to a whole range of people. Being by myself and having no one to chat and share things with was one of my concerns the first time I ventured to Europe. I found people so friendly and welcoming. It was easy to talk and laugh with others, sharing our experiences and even being invited to share a drink or meal. On my last solo trip, I found myself on a ferry to Alcatraz talking to a pilot from the UK who, with a few days to spare was visiting this fascinating island. We headed off separately to explore the island, but finding ourselves on the same return ferry, ended up having lunch together. All from asking if I could share a table on the ferry. On my latest trip to France, trouble opening the petrol cap led to a very funny situation where not 1 but 3 charming Frenchmen came to help me! Whether these connections are for a few minutes, hours, days or weeks, they add to the colour and memories to your holiday.   

Solo travel is one of the fastest growing travel groups. As more and more people take holidays by themselves you’ll find solo travellers wherever you go. Traditionally the single supplement for solo travellers has been a challenge, but as travel companies start to understand just how many of us are out there, they’ve started to offer better pricing options and an increasing range of travel options for the solo traveller.

If you’re unsure why not try a small group tour of 1 – 2 weeks. You’ll find so many options - choose by country, by type of travel (rail, cruise, bus, trek etc), by interest (hiking, cooking, golfing, sailing, gardening, art etc). Alternatively head off by yourself, stay in hotels with no single supplement or perhaps look at an Air BnB option. Choose a country where language isn’t a barrier for your first solo foray. For those who don’t have a second language England, Ireland, Wales, New Zealand, Canada and the USA spring to mind as ideal places to experience solo travel for the first time. With such a range of activities and places, there’s never been a better time to head off and explore the world.

People often discover solo travel by chance, when they really want to go somewhere but don’t have anyone to travel with. Often though solo travel will be a future choice at some point.  

Have you travelled solo?  Tell us about the places you’ve visited, the people you’ve met and the adventures you had.